Stopping Ebola in the U.S. starts with transferring the two patients from Dallas to Emory

Dr. Jen Gunter

The stunningly horrible news from this morning: another health care worker at Dallas Presbyterian has contracted Ebola.

Health care workers are at extremely high risk for contracting Ebola as patients produce an enormous amount of infected body fluids. I read one report that says 10 liters of liquid stool a day. And then there’s the vomit. Many need procedures that increase the risk of exposure.

While the CDC has argued that standard infectious precautions are adequate, the images and reports from Africa indicate that a higher level of personnel protection is in play than I’ve ever seen used in North America – full body suits (every inch covered) in addition to spraying down with bleach before degowning.

Reading how the biocontainment units at Emory and Nebraska are designed, from the protection for workers to how they meticulously treat lab specimens and infected wastes, leads me to believe that while…

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