Video games and apps for your vagina: a newer (but not necessarily better) way to Kegel

Dr. Jen Gunter

kGoal kGoal

There are two new high-tech ways that aim to help you with Kegel exercises, both with Kickstarter campaigns. There is the Skea (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid), basically a video game that proposes controlling the avatar with a vaginal probe that uses the pelvic floor muscles and kGoal, a vaginal insert that is meant to connect wirelessly with your smart phone and measures your squeeze pressure and the number of reps etc. (kGoal has reached their funding, as of August 10, 2014 Skea has not).

I’ve been asked by numerous people what I think about these devices, so here goes.

Kegel exercises are a very low-tech no cost way to treat urinary incontinence. (Other low-tech  no cost methods include bladder training, timed voiding, weight loss, and elimination of bladder irritants). Many women also report stronger orgasms when keeping up with a Kegel regimen.


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