Historia sobre la perseverancia de un migrante

Al ritmo político

Hot Tape: Pedro: En ese momento yo perdí el conocimiento. Este y cuando estaba en el fondo del mar, yo sentí que una voz me decía: “Fulano ¿Te vas a dejar morir ahí? Cuando yo empecé a reaccionar estaba  en el fondo, pero algo me ayudo a subir y sobreviví.

Track 01: Saludos, soy Osvaldo Osorio y hoy vengo a presentarles la historia de Don Pedro Montes, un migrante dominicano que consiguió llegar a salvo a Puerto Rico.


Track 02: Así cuenta Don Pedro la travesía ocurrida durante su primer intento de pisar tierra boricua. En esa embarcación habían 45 personas provenientes de Samaná.  En una yola de madera fofa  y que apenas llegaba a los 18 pies de largo, derrotada frente a la adversidad del tiempo.

Ese primer intento fallido, le provoco desilusión de volver a hacer el viaje. Pero sus amigos lo convencieron de hacer la travesía…

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Video games and apps for your vagina: a newer (but not necessarily better) way to Kegel

Dr. Jen Gunter

kGoal kGoal

There are two new high-tech ways that aim to help you with Kegel exercises, both with Kickstarter campaigns. There is the Skea (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid), basically a video game that proposes controlling the avatar with a vaginal probe that uses the pelvic floor muscles and kGoal, a vaginal insert that is meant to connect wirelessly with your smart phone and measures your squeeze pressure and the number of reps etc. (kGoal has reached their funding, as of August 10, 2014 Skea has not).

I’ve been asked by numerous people what I think about these devices, so here goes.

Kegel exercises are a very low-tech no cost way to treat urinary incontinence. (Other low-tech  no cost methods include bladder training, timed voiding, weight loss, and elimination of bladder irritants). Many women also report stronger orgasms when keeping up with a Kegel regimen.


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Stopping Ebola in the U.S. starts with transferring the two patients from Dallas to Emory

Dr. Jen Gunter

The stunningly horrible news from this morning: another health care worker at Dallas Presbyterian has contracted Ebola.

Health care workers are at extremely high risk for contracting Ebola as patients produce an enormous amount of infected body fluids. I read one report that says 10 liters of liquid stool a day. And then there’s the vomit. Many need procedures that increase the risk of exposure.

While the CDC has argued that standard infectious precautions are adequate, the images and reports from Africa indicate that a higher level of personnel protection is in play than I’ve ever seen used in North America – full body suits (every inch covered) in addition to spraying down with bleach before degowning.

Reading how the biocontainment units at Emory and Nebraska are designed, from the protection for workers to how they meticulously treat lab specimens and infected wastes, leads me to believe that while…

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Being Gluttony – II

Psychedelic Engineer

This is my body. I have lived in this body my whole life. I have wanted to change this body my whole life. I have never wanted anything as much as I have wanted a new body. I am aware every day that other people find my body disgusting. I always thought that some day—when I finally stop failing—I will become smaller, and when I become smaller literally everything will get better (I’ve heard It Gets Better)! My life can begin! I will get the clothes that I want, the job that I want, the love that I want. It will be great! Think how great it will be to buy some pants or whatever at Levi’s. Oh, man. Pants.

Instead, my body stays the same. There is not a fat person on earth who hasn’t lived this way. Clearly this is a TERRIBLE WAY TO EXIST. Also, strangely enough…

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